Supporting you to share your home



 HomeShare Arizona Mission


HomeShare Arizona empowers older homeowners to thrive in their chosen homes and communities as long as possible by assisting them through the process of finding a housemate and sharing their home.

By increasing homesharing as a community solution in Greater Phoenix, HomeShare Arizona:


Empowers older adults to enjoy a high quality of life.


Provides an affordable housing option that decreases living expenses and makes college a reality for more students.

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Increases social outcomes and strengthens the fabric of our communities through intergenerational living.

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Lindsey Beagley, Owner

The HSAZ Story

My name is Lindsey and I want to change the story in my community. The story goes like this: As Baby Boomers retire and age, we will be hit by a “Silver Tsunami” in which the needs of millions of older adults will suddenly strain our resources like never before.

In my home city of Phoenix, Arizona, we have over 400,000 seniors who are living longer, healthier lives. Most are homeowners and want to remain independent in their homes as long as possible so they can be close to their neighbors and friends, the schools where they volunteer, and the workplaces where they are pursuing purpose-filled encore careers. The reality is, older adults are an important underutilized resource whose lifetime of expertise and experience can help make this community stronger.

The only way to change the story is to tell a new one, one in which generations are connected in mutually beneficial ways so that everyone thrives. This is what homesharing means to me and I’m excited to draw upon my professional and personal experiences to make it a reality:

I’m a triple ASU alum and employee, and I’ve seen many college students risk their success by taking out enormous loan debt or working full time and reducing their courseload in order to pay for tuition and living expenses.

I’m a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and I’ve lived in Latin American communities that work well because multiple generations live together under one roof and lean on one another to meet their different needs at each life stage.

I’m a former aging care social worker and have heard many healthy older adults express the need for some household support to remain independent, but don’t yet require personal caregiving.

I’m a granddaughter and I helped my own grandmother move from her beloved home of 50 years simply because the house was just too much work to manage by herself.

I’m a working mom of two and I’ve been through the process of vetting a new person to care for my family and be a part of my village.