Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

Finding the right match can take time, and we think it’s worth it the wait to feel comfortable with the arrangement. There’s no guarantee you will find a match, but HomeShare Arizona’s Full In-Person Support option will not charge you the full fee until you’ve selected a housemate.

Do I choose who I live with?

Yes! If you choose the Partial or Full In-Person Support Services, we will assist you as you vet each of your housemate matches. We will help you consider the results of their background check, offer ideas of what to ask in the interviews and help you call their personal references, but it is ultimately your decision whether it’s a good fit.

What does it cost?

The cost is different depending on which service you choose. If you choose the Online Self-Service option through Silvernest, you will pay their low monthly membership fee of $24.99. The HomeShare Arizona Partial In-Person Support options are a one-time up front fee of $75 or $230 depending on which service you choose, in addition to the monthly Silvernest membership fee. The Full In-Person Support will cost $475 which you will only pay in full once you find and select a housemate.

What happens if I decide not to share my home anymore or require a different level of support?

All homesharing matches will end. The written agreement will define the notice period you agree to give each other, which is typically 30 days. Homesharing is best suited for individuals who have other housing options available to them should either party decide the arrangement is not working out.  

Will I be safe?

Many homeowners actually report feeling safer when they have someone around who can be a “just in case presence” in the home. Our screening process that includes interviews, five point background checks, and personal references help to ensure you’re considering someone trustworthy with whom to share your home.

Is homesharing for seniors only?

No! While homesharing often appeals to older adults, we can support anyone’s homesharing needs. Qualified housemates can be any age that a homeowner desires, and it’s up to both parties to decide what works best for their situation.

What if I want my housemate to be older than a college student?

That’s okay, too! Intergenerational matches is just one model of homesharing. You may like to share your home with someone in a similar age range (Ever heard of the Golden Girls?) It’s up to you to decide what’s the best fit.

Do I have to own the own home to homeshare?

No, you can be renting the home and rent out a room through Silvernest. However, we suggest you check with your landlord first to make sure you are not violating your lease.

How does the matching work?

When you complete your profile, you get a chance to tell us all about you, and so does your prospective housemate or homeowner. Our automated system then uses those answers in an algorithm to determine if you may be a good match for one another.

What methods of payment does HomeShare Arizona accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and also personal check

How do I make my home attractive to prospective housemates?

There are lots of things you can do. Include nice photos in your listing. Consider updating your décor to be appealing to a wide variety of tastes. Make structural changes to your home like adding a separate entry or kitchen area for your housemate. And check Silvernest’s list of Homeowner Tips for lots more helpful ideas.

How does automatic rent payments work?

Collecting rent from your housemate every month can be a pain, so our automated system can help take it off your plate. By establishing an account through our system, all scheduled payments will automatically transfer out of your housemate’s account and is directly deposited into yours. Luxurious, right? Plus, you can manage all your transactions through our system and track them in your dashboard.


What if my housemate doesn’t pay?

If you choose, we will set you up with Silvernest’s secure payment processing services that can mitigate the possibility of non-payment to some degree. However, if you choose to collect payment through an alternative method like cash or personal check, and payment has not occurred, we recommend that you review the reconciliation clauses of your agreement, and if necessary, secure legal counsel to proceed.