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Partial In-Person Support

Partial In-Person Support services are designed to offer additional support to the online homesharing experience through Silvernest. If you need assistance going online, we recommend checking our our Full In-Person Support service.

Get Started Consultation

A HomeShare Arizona case manager will visit you in your home to assist you as you consider sharing your home and begin the Silvernest homesharing process. This visit may last up to 2 hours and includes:  

  • Assess your available space and determine a rental price point

  • Identify needed household services to offer in exchange for reduced rent

  • Determine homeshare expectations: discuss personal lifestyle and housemate preferences, and how these may shape the terms of your ideal homeshare arrangement

  • Assistance with Silvernest account set-up including platform overview and next steps

  • Full access to online relationship management tools including background checks, automatic rent payments, and accredited legal counsel

(One-time fee of $75 + monthly Silvernest subscription)

Housemate Selection Facilitation

Once you have selected at least one match for consideration, a HomeShare Arizona case manager will provide support to you as you move forward with potential housemates. This includes:

  • Support coordinating and conducting interviews either at your home or off-site to ensure you collect enough information to determine the best fit for you and your home

  • Support as you consider the results of the background screening and calling personal references

  • Support as you establish the terms of your homeshare agreement with your chosen housemate, including discussing house rules, negotiating the household services for reduced rent, determining method of payment, and other agreements for successful homesharing.

(One-time fee of $230 + monthly Silvernest subscription)